Power pills
Ability Granting temporary invincibility
Game(s) Plunger

Power pills are powerups in Plunger. They first appear on level 6.


The pills appear to be small purple squares with rounded edges. A yellow lightning bolt is in the centre.

Game information

Power pills are only found in levels 6 and 17 of the game. They are found in narrow indents in blocks or small enclosed areas. When obtained, the plunger's movement pauses for a moment as the character transforms. By the end of the transformation, the plunger wears a purple mask and its handles are replaced by flickering purple lightning waves. Whenever the plunger changes the direction of its movement during this time, the sound effect heard when it first attained the powerup is heard.

While the plunger is invincible, it can destroy any enemies with its nodes or body. The effects of the power pill where the player is given free movement last for about seven seconds. The time of the powerup's effects can be reset if the plunger obtains another power pill. If it is still invincible at the time of picking it up, no pause occurs.


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