Power orbs
A power orb producer with a power orb
Ability Assists in the creation of a clone scientist disguise
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Power orbs are power ups that make an appearance in Final Ninja Zero.


Power orbs are spherical and blue coloured. They are dark blue on their outer rim, but towards the centre, they are light blue. The power orb producer is dark blue, purple and black. It wraps around the power orb, with an opening at the front that allows it to be picked up.

Game information

Power orbs are used in two levels of Final Ninja Zero. Spawned by an orb machine, they are necessary for the creation of a clone scientist disguise. The player requires them for level completion of the levels they appear in. The power orbs are collected from an orb producer that regenerates power orbs once taken. Only one power orb can be held by Takeshi at a time.

Once the player has obtained an orb, Takeshi can match a clone scientist's appearance by knocking one out and stealthing over it. The disguise lasts for twenty seconds as counted down on the game screen.


A beta image of the power orb machine was discovered on Simon Hunter's website. It is larger than the original.


Beta power orb machine

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