Power houses
Power House
Ability Completes the level
Game(s) Rustyard

Power houses are the objective destination in Rustyard.


Power houses are rust-coloured and assume the shape of a train. They constantly move on the spot, with two small knobs at the top of them alternating in vertical movements. A thin black screen can be seen on the top right of each of the power houses, flashing a pattern of green dots from right to left.

Game information

As the final destination of each level, power houses advance the player to the proceeding level as soon as the robot reaches one. Upon reaching one, he will extend his head and connect it to the larger end of the power house. A surge of electricity will travel from the power house through his head, and he will hop, indicating the end of the level.


  • The power house resembles the broken down truck from the Disney Pixar's WALL-E. In the film, WALL-E returns to the truck every day when it gets dark, similar to the robot trying to return to it in each level. Both figures also resemble a vehicle.

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