The Portcullis is an enemy encountered only in Hot Air 2: All Blown Up. The Portcullis is a giant gate that takes up a lot of the screen.


The portcullis appears as a giant castle gate. It is made of four horizontal pointy beams going down, and two across, from what is visible. The Portcullis is too big to fit the entire screen, this can be seen as its beams go off the screen. In the middle of the gate is the creature's eyes, which it has a pair of. It has two purple cheeks, as well as large eyebrows.

Game information

The portcullis appears in Hot Air 2 on level 4: King of the Castle. The portcullis cannot move on its own. To venture to the red pad, Hot Air has to blow on a pinwheel with the cyan fan. Blowing the pinwheel clockwise will bring the gate up, while blowing it counter-clockwise (or anti-clockwise as it is called by some) will cause it to lower.

The portcullis can only be raised to a certain point, where the edges if its pointy beams will cease it from moving any further. When raised to its highest (or the player stops raising it), the portcullis will come down in slow movements, moving quickly down then stopping, then quickly down again then stopping. It will do this until it reaches the floor. Hot Air can pass the portcullis by moving quickly past it, or if it so happens that it can't move any further due to the danger of a collision between the beams, Hot Air can stay in the spaces between the beams.

Located nearby are pinwheels so that the player can raise the gate. The portcullis is seen as unable to move itself, as it can in no way reach the pinwheels. It is possible the portcullis can move itself, but is keeping itself in that position so that Hot Air cannot pass.