This article is about checkpoints from Sandman. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Portals are interactive objects in the game Sandman. They have two variations, light portals and dark portals.

Light portals

Light portals are found at the beginning and end of every level of Sandman. A light portal consists of a multicoloured spiral of energy surrounded by a wooden frame. The portal at the beginning spawns the ten Sleepwalkers for that level, and after spawning them the interior rainbow swirl disappears leaving the empty wooden frame. The portal at the end is the objective to get the Sleepwalkers to. When a Sleepwalker reaches the end portal the level can be ended, but every additional Sleepwalker that reaches it rewards extra points.

Dark portals

Dark portals are a type of portal seen a few times in Sandman. Dark portals are exactly the same as light portals but have a frame made out of black wood that has curled spikes on it and the portal inside is made up of purple, black, and silver swirls. The dark portal's only purpose in the level is to spawn nightmares. More than one dark portal can be located in a level, but aside from spawning nightmares they cannot be interacted with in any way.

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