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Games is a type of entertainment that involves the player's interaction, found on video gaming consoles as well as on the internet, and in physical form too. Nitrome makes internet games, each game consisting of one or more genre. Nitrome's games can all be played for free, while some have extra content available for purchase.

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Steamlands Player Pack is a Main Game released on October 13th 2011. The game is unique in that all the levels of the game are made by Nitrome fans. Steamlands Player Pack serves as the sequel of Steamlands, which was released earlier in the year. On the menu it shows tanks that...(Read more >>)

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Gift Wrapped is Nitrome's first mini game, released in 2007. In it, the player must find an item from a group of presents within a time limit. The game starts with a time limit of 20 seconds and increases by about 5 each time a present is found. The game was made...(Read more >>)


Four Play is a Mobile Phone Game released in 2005 only for cellphones, and later available for download on the Adobe website, but was later removed. It is a Connect Four like game where the player drops aliens and tries to make a line of four. The game is one of...(Read more >>)