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Characters, also known as main characters, are the person the player controls or tries to safely get to a location in a Nitrome game. Characters often have a set amount of health, that when depleted causes the player to die and initiate a "Game Over". Some characters can obtain or are armed with weapons to defend themselves, while most characters in Nitrome games have to often avoid enemies if they cannot destroy them. The options all characters have when controlled is to walk left or right, jump (if possible), and shoot (if possible).

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Hot Air

The Hot Air Balloon is the main character in the Hot Air Series. He is piloted by his very small driver, which often goes unnoticed. Hot Air is known for being Nitrome's first...(Read more >>)


Austin Carter is one of the main characters of Nitrome Must Die. He is the character controlled by player 1. Austin Carter is a teenager that often chats with his friend Justin Bennet over the Internet. After losing at...(Read more >>)


Lockehorn is the main character in Lockehorn. It is a green coloured Elk that is the sole survivor of the Big Freeze that devastated his tribe. Lockehorn is the best known of his Tribe, and the one that defrosted...(Read more >>)

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