Portable ground
Portable Ground
Ability Stays in midair
Game(s) Powerup

Portable ground blocks are a non-conductive piece in Powerup.


Portable ground blocks are made of a soil-coloured square with a blue four-way arrow. They look like dirt blocks with leaves on the top and bits of metal in the inside. Three blue gears are seen embedded in the soil, the largest being the one in the top-left corner. Two blue metallic rectangles stick out from the bottom.

Game information

Unlike other earlier introduced blocks, portable ground can be moved and inserted in midair, useful for supporting pieces over large gaps between the ground.

All portable ground can be moved in different directions, and makes a loud thumping noise when let go of by the player, indicating that it is "attached" in midair. Unlike other structures as well, this piece cannot be toppled over by other blocks and can only be moved if players wish to do so themselves.

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