Porcuserpent Porcuserpent protect
A normal porcuserpent (left) and a porcuserpent striking out spikes (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Turning spiny
Health One blow from a super jump
Points 200
Game(s) Ribbit

Porcuserpents are enemies in the game Ribbit. They assumed to be created by Dr.Siamese in his Merge-o-matic by fusing a snake with a porcupine. The are encountered in levels after level five. They are one of the tougher enemies to defeat.


Porcuserpents appear as orange snakes that are light orange under their scales. They have pale yellow eyes with magenta pupils, two yellow fangs, two brown nostrils, and a pointy spike at the end of their tail. When laying down, they appear the same, except flat and with many brown spikes striked out along their back.

Game information

When ribbit gets close to them, they will lay down and spikes will appear, dealing damage to ribbit if he touches it in its spiky form. When ribbit gets far way, it will move back into its usual form, as a snake.

The only way to kill it is with a super jump, which is executed by doing a spin in the air. The player has to be fast to do it, if too slow, the porcuserpent will turn spiky and ribbit will be hurt if it touches it.

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