Police gunbricks
Attack Shooting red beams
Health Cannot be destroyed
Game(s) Gunbrick (mobile)

Police gunbricks are hazards in Gunbrick mobile. They first appear in level 1-6.


Police gunbricks are grey on one side and black on the other side with a silver block in the middle. Unlike regular Gunbricks, it does not appear to have a sheet of protective metal on the bottom side of it. In the middle of its grey side is its gun, which it fires red beams from. It has two red lights and two blue lights which flash when the police gunbrick is about to fire.

Game information

Police gunbricks appear only in level 1-6. They only shoot in the direction they are placed in, and their bullets are able to be blocked by the metal shield on the player's Gunbrick. The further the player delves into the level, the more sporadic the police gunbricks' shots get.

Later in the level, the player has to press green switches to place metal blocks directly in front of the shooting side of the police gunbrick. These blocks, once activated, stop the police's bullets from passing through.

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