This article is about polar bears from Snow Drift. For polar bears from other games, please see Polar bears.

Polar bears
Polar bear
Attack Throwing penguin grenades
Health One slide into them
Game(s) Snow Drift

Polar bears are enemies in Snow Drift.


Polar bears look like white bears with two green crossing straps that form an "X". There is a red scar across the bear's face, showing that the bear is an experienced fighter. Attached to the straps are penguin grenades, which the bear can then pick up and throw.

Game information

Polar bears stand still on the track, chucking penguin grenades. Polar bears can be killed with a single uninterrupted slide, as opposed to foxes which have to slid at at close range, and have their missiles jumped over. Trying to hit a polar bear with a single slide is hard, as if the player goes at the wrong time they will be hit with a penguin grenade. They can be easily killed by getting close to them and sliding.

The grenades explode when they touch the ground, making a potential hazard when sliding. Since the grenades are tossed in an arc, the player can stand on several parts beneath the path of the arc and not get hit, as well as getting close to the polar bear to slide into it. Because of the frequency of them being on snow, they are impossible to kill a lot of the time.


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