This article is about points from Mega Mash. For points from B.C. Bow Contest, please see Points (B.C. Bow Contest).

In all zones of Mega Mash, point-granting objects are encountered. These objects are found throughout the levels of Mega Mash, and differ in appearance to fit the zone they are in.


These objects have many different appearances, each appearance for a certain zone.

Game information

These objects grant 100 points, and have are have an appearance that fits with the theme of the zone. Multiple point granting objects are commonly encountered in levels, and are sometimes placed in dangerous or hard to reach areas, but are often placed in the path of the player as they go through the level. Point granting objects are sometimes found in groups.

Points granting items are necessary for players who want to legitimately get high scores on the high score board for that game, as opposed to hacking the game to put up an impossible score. Collecting point granting items is more efficient then destroying enemies. All games have point-granting items, except Smash and Nitrometris.


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