This article is about points from B.C. Bow Contest. For points from Mega Mash, please see Points (Mega Mash).

A list of objects in B.C. Bow Contest that can be shot with arrows to obtain points.


Ability None
Points White = 10 points
Blue = 25 points
Red = 50 points
Yellow = 100 points
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

 Targets are the first and most basic way to earn points in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


Targets appear as white, blue, red, and yellow targets hastily painted on a rock, the ground, a sack held by pterodactyls, and even on dinosaurs.

Game information

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Targets are regular targets that earn the player a set amount of points when hit by arrows. The white part grants ten points, the blue grants twenty-five, the red gives fifty, and the orange one hundred points (if hit). These colours and point values are also shared by the balloons.



This article is about balloons from B.C. Bow Contest. For balloons from other games, please see Balloons.

An animation consisting of all four balloons
Ability Floating
Points White = 10
Blue = 25
Red = 50
Gold = 100
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Balloons are a variation of targets in B.C. Bow Contest.


Balloons are large and tied to a string. They can be tan, red, blue, and white.

Game information

Balloons first appear in the Balloons Cup. They must be shot with an arrow to be popped, providing the player with points based on the colour of the balloon (Basically, if the colour matches a section of a target's colour, it is worth the amount of points of that target section). In some levels they appear with targets.

Wooden targets

Wooden targets
Wooden Targets
An animation consisting of both types of wooden targets
Ability Sinking
Points Blue = 25 points
Red = 50 points
Gold = 100 points
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Wooden targets are one of the ways to earn points in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


Wooden targets appear as rectangular planks of mahogany wood with many lines and swirls. They have targets painted onto their surface. Some wooden targets have small rounded branches with leaves on them.

Game information

Wooden targets are featured in the Tar Cup levels. They sink into the tar a little bit after an arrow lands on it. After two hits, the target will sink completely into the tar. Any arrows on the wooden target will sink with it, although these sunken arrows will not cause point deduction.

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