Plunger[1] is the main character of the game with same name, Plunger. It has the power to create ropes to navigate in the environment in order to connect nodes. Plunger also makes a cameo appearance in the game Super Stock Take.


Plunger is a golden square-shaped creature with two darker rectangular eyes and a mouth. In top of its head there is a topknot. It a small rectangle on each side of its body, which serve for shooting out its ropes. Upon picking a power pill, a small, purple superhero mask appears over plunger's eyes.

Game information


Plunger is the character that the player controls in the game. When the player taps the Left or Right key once, ropes will shoot out from both ends until they reach a surface and attach onto it.

Once the ropes are attached, the player can hold the left and right keys again to move plunger from left to right along its rope. If a rope is already attached, and the player presses the Up or Down key, the previous ropes will disappear, and two new ropes shoot out from plunger's bottom and top.

If plunger touches an enemy, it will instantly die, and the player has to restart the level. Picking up a power pill will give plunger the ability to shoot out ropes made of electricity that kill any enemies on contact.

Super Stock Take

Located at the bottom of the right shelf is a box that has plunger on it, only it has the face of Cuboy. This image is rather hard to see and is more easier to see if zoomed up to.

Other appearances

  • Kraken skin - Plunger appears stuck between several tentacles of the Kraken.
  • Super Stock Take - Plunger appears as a cameo in the game's background.



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