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Hops on enemies
Game(s) Platform Panic

Plumber is a character in Platform Panic.


The plumber is a pink skinned man with black pupils, red nose, a black moustache, a red cap with a shade in the eye area, and blue overalls.

Game information

See also: Characters (Platform Panic)#Game information
Plumber can be unlocked for 750 coins.

Penguin 1

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Plumber has the special ability of being able to hop on enemies, effectively killing them. When Plumber lands on top of an enemy, he gets an additional small upward boost, though due to the smallness of this boost it often serves as an aesthetic effect.


More likely to go down a pipe than clean it


Plumber is based off Mario from the Mario series, Plumber's special ability of jumping is also based off this character. A lot of Plumber's movements are based off Mario movements. Plumber's falling sprite appears to be based off Mario's falling sprite from Super Mario World.



  • When announcing the update for the Platform Panic that would add special abilities for each character, Nitrome referred to Plumber as Mario.[1]
    • This statement was later recanted as a misnomer, with Nitrome stating 'they'd never heard of the other guy (Mario)'.
  • When Plumber hops on enemies he makes the same sound as the changeType() Protagonist when it jumps on an enemy.


  1. Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: Platform Panic Upgraded soon!?!, 21 Jan 15, retrieved 21 Jan 15.

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