For the enemy weapon, see enemy version orbs (Nanobots).

Orbs are the second introduced player attacks in the game Nanobots.


Orbs appear as partly green spheres which rotate around the human piloted nanobot. The two main spheres also have a grey and white outer sheath which covers the top half of the orb. The tail sphere, however, is completely covered by this sheath.

Game information

Orbs are used to kill green nanobots, titan green nanobots (even though they are not encountered in the game), green superviruses, weapon stealers, and harm the green side of the combined nanobot. There are three types of orbs the human piloted nanobot obtains, one for each phase it moves up to.

Phase one

The first orb is the one the human piloted nanobot gains in phase one. This orb rotates around the nanobot counter clockwise, and has the appearance of a green sphere with a helmet-like piece of metal on top.

Phase two

Phase two is obtained on level three. The second orb is the orb gained in phase two. It rotates clockwise around the human piloted nanobot, and has the appearance of a green sphere with spiky shell armour.

Phase three

Phase three is obtained on level five. The third orb appears not rotating at all around the nanobot, but appearing behind the nanobot as if trailing behind it.

It is grey and not green at all, and has lines on it which lead up to a circle in the middle of the sphere. This orb, unlike the previous two orbs, does not rotate, but instead but it programmed by the game to automatically attach itself to enemies.

It usually does this slowly, returning to its original spot upon destroying the enemy, but sometimes it may move back and forth smashing enemies furiously. This orb will also attack random matter, and stay longer over it, showing the player where it is. The human piloted nanobot at phase three has all three of these orbs. If the player is next to yellow or red nanobots, the small orb will glitch and attach itself to them, even though it will not harm the enemy.


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