This article is about bullets from Nanobots. For bullets from other games, please see Bullets.

For the enemy version, please see Enemy version bullets (Nanobots)
The player's version of bullets, sometimes called pink bullets, are the first introduced player attack in Nanobots.


Player version bullets appear as circular pink bullets. The pink bullet spawner in phase two appears as a grey helmet with three holes where the bullets come out. In phase three, the helmet remains with an additional grey cannon attached to the bottom of the human piloted nanobot.

Game information

Bullets can only be used when the human piloted nanobot is in its bullet form. Bullets appear as pink spheres fired out of the cannons of the human piloted nanobot at very fast speeds. The bullets disappear upon reaching a certain point, and are used to destroy pink nanobots, titan pink nanobots, pink superviruses, weapon stealers, and harm the pink side of the combined nanobot.

Bullets, although being fired out, act like whips, as they disappear upon reaching a certain point and wiggle when the human piloted nanobot moves left or right. In phase one of the human piloted nanobots first form, there is only one cannon to fire bullets, that cannon being placed near the head of the Nanobot. In phase two, two more cannons are added on the front of the Nanobot, and in phase three, a cannon was added to the Nanobot's rear end.

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