This article is about Bombs from Nanobots. For Bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

For the enemy attack, please see Bombs (Nanobots)(Enemy version)
The Human Piloted Nanobot version of Bombs are the third and last introduced attack in Nanobots.


Bombs vary in appearance, as they have a different appearance for each Phase.

Phase 1/3

Bombs in Phase 1 and 3 appear partly circular objects, with a yellow plus sign (+) on it. The only difference with phase 3 bombs in the red field emanated for the phase 2 bomb is emanated for the phase 3 bomb.

Phase 2

The second bomb - seen in Phase 2 - is circular with a bigger plus sign in the middle, and on those sides small little cylinders point out, with a red field around it.

Game information

Bombs are used to kill yellow nanobots, titan yellow nanobots, Yellow Superviruses, Weapon Stealers, and damage the yellow side of the combined nanobot. Phase 1 bombs create a small explosion when they explode.

The phase 2 bomb is bigger than phase 1's bomb, around it being a red field which damages/destroys enemies of team yellow, and Weapon Stealers. The blast produced is also bigger. Phase 3 bombs appear as usual Phase 1 bombs, only they have a red field, and upon the bomb exploding, grenades are tossed on the left, right, up, and below the bomb, also producing explosions.

Bombs are sometimes hard to place as they are placed in the path of the player, but after a few seconds.



  • In the coding of Chisel 2, a .gif of the red field of the Player's Phase 1 & 2 bombs exist, but remains unused for the entire game. It is unknown why they are included, although it is likely one of the occurrences of random objects from previous nitrome game appearing in the coding of games, possibly in the coding for testing purposes.

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