This article is about platforms from J-J-Jump. For platforms from other games, please see Platforms.

Platforms are the surface that the teeny hero stands on in the icon game called J-J-Jump. There are two types of platforms: grass platforms and wood platforms.


When either of the platforms are submerged underwater, they become darker in color and are wavy.

Grass platforms

Grass platforms have a brown, dirt underside, and green grass on top. Sometimes, they will be covered in J-J-Jump juice, rendering the grass invisible.

Wood platforms

Wood platforms are very thin, and are dark brown with light brown insides.

Game information

Grass platforms

Grass platforms are the most common type of platform in the game. They can be any shape, but always have a layer of grass on top. Grass platforms cannot be jumped through.

Wood platforms

Wood platforms are always thin and in a straight line. They are usually used for getting to higher places, because the Teeny hero can jump through the bottom of them, and then stand on top of them.

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