Platform balls are interactive objects in the Cheese Dreams series.


Cheese Dreams

Platform balls from Cheese Dreams are dark purple and have a clearly visible space mouse walking around inside it. Their appearance is almost identical to a real-life Hamster ball.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Platforms balls from the Cheese Dreams: New Moon are spherical and shiny. The ball is a mixture of lighter and darker shades of pink with the ball being divided into two equal pieces. Inside is a space mouse, with only its silhouette being visible from the outside.

In the demo for the game, there is no silhouette.

Game information

Platform balls are often used as platforms for the moon to get to higher areas. They also can be used to hold down switches by rolling the balls on top of them. If the moon lands on the side of a ball, it will move a little in that direction, but if the moon lands in the middle, the ball will stay put. Sometimes the platform balls will block the moon from going further in a level. In Cheese Dreams New Moon platform balls first appear on level 2.