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This article is about plants from Swindler series. For plants from other games, please see Plants.

Swindler Plants

The plants that are in Swindler

Plants are scenery in the Swindler series. There is four types of plants in Swindler, although none of these have any effect on the game. They are merely artwork, and cannot affect gameplay.


Tentacle plants

Tentacle plants are several green tentacles that move. They may be parasitic because a variation of them is near an eater mushroom.

Eater mushrooms

Eater mushrooms are greenish mushroom-like fungi with a mouth-like hole at the top that opens and closes as it moves. They may be carnivorous and eat bug yellow goo, or the hole might be used for expelling spores.

Cone flowers

Cone flowers appear as several cone-shaped leaves inside one another; their separate leaves bounce around.

Crack fungi

Crack fungi live in cracks in the walls of the building that Swindler is set in. They may be acidic or have strong roots to crack the walls with.


  • Mushrooms are not considered plants. Instead they are a type of their own, fungi.

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