This article is about plants from Small Fry. For plants from other games, please see Plants.

Plant open Plant eating
The plant waiting for something to come (left), the plant with something in its mouth (right)
Attack Eat small fries
Health One blow from warrior
Game(s) Small Fry

Plants are enemies from the game Small Fry.


The plant is a venus fly-trap, which is native to swamps (suggesting the area of which the game takes place). It has a pink and white polka-dotted head with eyes. After it is killed, it will leave behind its leaves, which can be used as a bridge.

Game information

Plants are a stationary enemy that can eat small fries. The only small fry able to withstand a plant's attack is a skeleton. Plants look and act a lot like a venus fly trap. Using its tongue to lure unsuspecting fries to them, then closing it mouth to eat its prey. Along with being deadly, it is also quite weak, taking only one punch from a warrior to die.


To defeat a plant, a number of steps must be taken. First of all, the plant's weak spot must be drawn out. To do this, a small fry (presumably a skeleton, as any other fry would die in the process) must be eaten by the plant. As the plant is vulnerable, a warrior should be present to finish off the plant.


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