This article is about plants from Blast RPG. For plants from other games, please see Plants.

Plant weapon
Plant Weapon
Price Varies
Abilities Increases weapon damage.
x2 damage on water
½ damage on fire
(item damage) plus attack damage on plant
Game Blast RPG

Plant weapon is purchasable shop item in the game Blast RPG. Once purchased from the shop, or received from a treasure chest, the boy knight can use it to fend off enemies in Blast RPG.


A pickup which appears as a green sphere with a tree symbol on it.

Game information

This weapon affects all enemies, with normal damage + item damage bonus on regular and plant enemies (i.e., if it is an eleven damage weapon and the player's hit is two, then it will hit thirteen on a regular usage on enemies, as two plus eleven is thirteen) This weapon's bonus is halved when fighting fire enemies and doubled when fighting water enemies.

Shop description

Weapon Increases Combat Damage


There are a total of eleven different variations of plant weapons. The more damage the weapon does, the more it costs. See full total of plant weapons's below. All prices in Blast RPG are charged in gold which is the free in-game currency that can be collected during the game. Having higher charisma will lower shop prices, but items will not sell for more.

Variation table

Name Buy price Sell price
4 damage 480 gold 270 gold
5 damage 576 gold 324 gold
6 damage 672 gold 378 gold
7 damage 763 gold 432 gold
8 damage 364 gold 486 gold
9 damage 960 gold 540 gold
10 damage 1056 gold 594 gold
11 damage 1152 gold 643 gold
12 damage 1248 gold 702 gold
13 damage 1344 gold 756 gold
14 damage 1440 gold 810 gold
15 damage 1536 gold 864 gold

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