This article is about plants from Twin Shot 2. For plants from other games, please see Plants.

Plant creatures
Plant Creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Will pop out of onions
Health One blow
Points 100
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Plant creatures are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2.


Plant creatures have small bodies that are completely orange. They have two small arms on their sides, and two small legs underneath. Their legs and they arms look almost exactly the same, however. In the middle of their bodies are two black lines for eyes, but no other facial features; they lack a mouth. On top of them is a long, skinny stem with a green leaf on the end. Due to the weight of the leaf, the stem in bent backwards a bit.

Game information

Plant creatures act differently, depending on whether they are on their own or concealed inside onions.


Main article: Onions

When an onion is shot, a plant creature will pop out to look around for what hit it. To be killed, the plant creature has to be shot again. The onion and the plant creature will both fall off the screen when killed, and two events will occur: 100 points will be added to the score, and a gold coin will fall out. When the plant creature is peeking out (after being shot once), they are not dangerous on contact.



A plant creature falling through a living gap

Plant creatures (when not inside a onion) walk at a medium pace. They only walk horizontally, turning back the way they come to walls and gaps. If they make contact with a player, it will hurt the player and take away one heart of their health.

It will also throw the player backwards from the direction they came. Plant creatures are the first enemy encountered in the good levels of Twin Shot 2. They only take one shot from an arrow to kill, and once dead they will bounce up, and then fall off the screen, passing through anything in the way.



  • Plant creatures bear great resemblance to the Nintendo-made creature "Pikmin". Pikmin are creatures with many colours, grow in the ground, and also have a leaf on their head.
  • Plant creature onions are not part of the dark creature invasion, and seem to be some usual creatures that inhabit the land Twin Shot 2 is set in.

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