This article is about planets from Chisel. For planets from other games, please see Planets.


Chiseller digging through the first planet in Chisel 1

Planets are the settings of the levels of the Chisel series. Planets are the very thing Chiseler has to cut down to size to complete his job. There are several types of planets in Chisel and Chisel 2, with different designs, and in different shapes. There is always something guarding the planets either from on top, underneath, or both. If the planet is hollow, when Chiseler drills through the plant, the path drilled will not close, because the other side of the planet is holding it up.

Planet types

Chisel 1

NOTE: objects are indestructible


Colors: Green, yellow.

Objects: Trees.

Shapes: Chiseler's head.


Colors: Yellow, light black.

Objects: Trees, bushes, stem.

Shapes: Hexagon, circle, banana.


Colors: Light orange.

Objects: Gears.

Shapes: Oval.


Colors: Shades of brown, light brown, dark brown.

Objects: Rocks, flowers.

Shapes: Smooth curved four-pointed star, bumpy ground, bumpy square.


Colors: Shades of red.

Objects: Eggplant.

Shapes: Bumpy square.


Colors: White, blue.

Objects: Ice crystals.

Shapes: Smooth-ended line, connected octagons.


Colors: Green.

Objects: Bushes, apple stem.

Shapes: Triangle, apple.


Colors: Pink, blue, white.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Egg.


Colors: Purple, white.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Circle, skull.


Colors: Orange, yellow.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Octagon.

Puzzle pieces

Colors: Shades of blue, light blue, dark blue.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Smooth edged rectangle, square.

Squares two

Colors: Grey.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Dumbbell.

Camouflage two

Colors: Shades of grey, black.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Connected ovals.

Chisel 2


Colors: Tan.

Objects: Small tree stump, large tree stump, tree stump with leaf.

Shapes: Peanut shaped hole.

The moon

Colors: Yellow.

Objects: None.

Shapes: Circle.

Note: The moon is from Cheese Dreams.

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