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Available Yes
Launched July 25th, 2014
Link(s) Official Website
Main Feature Pixel Love Games' own website
Special First and only website whitout Nitrome games

Pixel Love Games is a website launched by Nitrome on July 25, 2014. It hosts all Pixel Love games that were previously hosted within a domain of

Former hosting

Previously, all Pixel Love games were playable on a domain of Game links were only made accessible on via the blog post featuring the game or by clicking their advertisement. Three links were typically placed on the post leading to the game: one on the mention of the game's name in the post, one on the blog image and one in the closing sentence, which usually displays as "Click Here!" Clicking on a game link would take the player to a special games page, which was decorated with a unique skin. This section, however, was not updated along with the rest of their site, causing newly added links to the navigation panel and the updated look of advertisements to not be displayed.


On July 25 2014, Nitrome moved all Pixel Love games to the site The site allows players to select a game by clicking on its icon from the list, which can be arranged chronologically, by number of "hearts" and number of plays. When a game is clicked, the top of the site parts to reveal the game against a black background with some advertisements. A text box below the game provides a description and credits for the game itself. A configurations bar can be seen below the text box, allowing players to share the link, heart the game and "dim the lights", an option that darkens the entire site except for the games module itself.

At the bottom of the site, under the list of Pixel Love games, links lead to web forms that allow visitors to suggest a game for the Pixel Love feature, or upload a game to the site for Nitrome to review.


With the very first Pixel Love blog post came a unique banner to go with it. The banner had an image accompanied by the Pixel Love logo and appears as a grey and pink pixelated text with a heart as the "o" in Love. With the massive update Nitrome also updated the logo by removing the background image and replacing it with a pattern similar to what was used on the old game page.

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