Pitchfork demons
Pitchfork Demon Picture
Attack Hitting the player with a pitchfork
Abilities Can attack through walls
Health One shot
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Pitchfork demons are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2, found only in the Evil Levels.


Pitchfork demons appear as red devils with a golden yellow helmet that has white horns attached. They carry a pitchfork with them and march back and forth along the platform they are on. Pitchfork demons are usually encountered in groups.

Game information

Pitchfork demons are probably one of the trickiest enemies in the entire game. They only take one shot to kill; however, getting to them safely can be hard. If the angel is standing directly above or below a pitchfork demon, the demon will stab at the player with its pitchfork. Once on the same level, the demon will ignore the player and act as if he is not there, enabling the player to fire into the demon.