Pirate ship
Empty pirate ship
The pirate ship empty
Location Out at sea
Inhabitants Parrot ball
Game Squawk

The pirate ship is a location in the game Squawk.


The pirate ship is depicted as being square. In the middle, at the bottom, is a boat wheel made of reddish brown wood with golden knobs and directly across from it is a short plank of reddish orange wood extending over waves of blue water. Placed near the boat wheel and the plank is presumably the sides of the ship that are made of a reddish wood with a golden railing that dips down near the wheel and plank. On the plank's side there are four holes, two on each side of the dip, that are rimmed with a golden yellow colour with two cannons, one on each side of the dip, placed between them.

The cannons are purple and start out cylindrical but become spherical at then end with a yellow fuse extending out the back and a white skull, resembling the skull peg, being painted on the spherical part. On the left and right side of the ship are four hanging lit purplish-blue lanterns, two on each side placed a distance apart from each other, that are placed in line with each other and illuminate part of the deck of the pirate ship.

The deck of the pirate ship is covered with circular slots that open and close and are placed close together in a grid of eleven slots wide and nine slots long equaling a total of ninety-nine circular slots covering the ship's deck.

Game information

Squawk takes place on a pirate ship that is presumably out as sea. From the several slots covering the deck of the ship, pegs, coins, and hearts appear and disappear after a certain amount of time indicated by the clang of a bell. Coins and steering pegs are always present on the pirate ship and appearing after the clang of each bell.

At the start of Squawk, only formations consisting of barrel pegs, steering pegs, and coins appear with later formations introducing hazardous pegs and holes appearing the latest. If the parrot ball dies, all objects on the pirate ship are cleared away.


  • Oddly, waves at the top of the screen are seen moving in slanted direction in a single group similar to cardboard cutouts.

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