This article is about squids from Canary. For squids from other games, please see Squids.

Piranha squids
Pirahna Squid
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Coming up from behind the screen
Health Three seconds of exposure to a laser
Game(s) Canary

Piranha squids are enemies in Canary.


They consist of a head with pink tentacles on the back. The head has a mouth with teeth, that has a blue eye between the connection of the two jaws, with three eyes behind that eye. The entire body of the creature, except for its mouth, is pink. Four tentacles are on its back, with all of them moving in a whip motion.

Game information

The piranha squids could be considered one of the most dangerous enemies in Canary. The piranha squid only comes up from the left side of the screen, and moves a bit slow at start, but will build speed. They are dangerous and hard to avoid, usually leaving the player to have to outrun them, whilst dodging hazards. They appear a few times in Canary, where the player has to outrun them.

Piranha squids have squid like tentacles, but piranha like movements and facial features. In level 19 of Canary, known as the hardest level in the game, on the third Tunnel when the player is pushing the '+' shaped rock, three piranha squids will come up from behind and push the Rock for the player. It is the only instance in Canary where enemies actually help the player.

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