Piranha serpent
Piranha Serpent
Level 4
Attack(s) None
Abilities Shooting out goo spheres
Weak spots 5
Spot health
1, 2, 3, 4, 5: 5, 10-12
Colour Purple

The piranha serpent is the fourth sky serpent encountered in the game Sky Serpents.


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The piranha serpent is dark purple, with the head of a usual piranha head.


The entire piranha serpent

Game information

The piranha serpent moves at a steady pace, and has five weak spots. It as an ability that allows it to shoot out spheres of goo to cause the player to stick to the serpent. At certain times it will speed up, but only for a brief second.


The piranha serpent does not have any seen attacks.


The serpent will fire goo spheres out of the holes on its segments at certain times. The goo spheres will go through the segments of the serpent, making them hard to avoid. The holes will flash red when the spheres are about to be fired.

When the Slayer is hit by one, he will become covered in goo, and stick to the serpent. This can sometimes be good, if the player is close to falling off the serpent. The player has to repeatedly press the space bar to escape, which a thought bubble will instruct them to do. However, if the player is hanging on the side of the serpent, covered in the goo, breaking out of the good will cause the player to lose their grip on the serpent.

The piranha serpent is fairly easy to kill.

Weak point health

The piranha serpent is the first sky serpent to have weak points whose health actually varies much more often than past sky serpents. The health for each weak point can either be five or 10-12 blows.

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