This article is about pipes from Toxic series. For pipes from other games, please see Pipes.

Pipes are hazards in the Toxic series. Only two types of pipes are used throughout both robot factories, these types being small red pipes and big metal pipes.


Pipes are used throughout the robot factory for transportation of acid from one location to another. No matter what size they are, acid is transported through them. Some are seen partially outside stone platforms, while some are seen going into platforms. Often seen partially coming out of stone platforms are red pipes, sometimes with a leak in them.

The player may find parts of the robot factory with platforms made up of many big metal pipes, and sometimes a metal pipe pouring liquid into a pool of acid. Pipes are seen in the background of Toxic I, as well as make up a fence around the second robot factory in Toxic II.


Metal pipes

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Metal pipes are large pipes that pour acid.

Red pipes

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Red pipes are smaller than metal pipes, and are probably made of copper. They sometimes drip acid.