This article is about Pipes from Rockitty. For Pipes from other games, please see Pipes.

Pipes are interactive objects in the game Rockitty.


Pipes are cylindrical, green and are somewhat translucent. They can be any size. Pipes consist of a long tube and two larger pieces of tube on either side. One of these pieces is the entrance, and the other is the exit.

Rockitty glitch

Rockitty stuck

Game information

A pipe will send Rockitty through them and out of their other end. The player does not have to control Rockitty when in a pipe as Rockitty will automatically speed through them. Rockitty needs to be shot in the approximate area of the pipe for it to be entered. Pipes can be used when there is a needs to go to separate areas. Pipes can stretch through walls, which makes them a way to progress through a level. They are often encountered in groups.


  • They behave exactly like the pipes in Cheese Dreams, but are green instead of purple.
  • If the player goes through a pipe that is blowing pressure out of it, he/she will be stuck there and will have to restart the level. This is because Rockitty is fighting against the pressure and both sides strengths are equally strong.
  • The pipes look similar to the pipes from the Mario series.