This article is about pipes from Headcase. For pipes from other games, please see Pipes.

Ability Transporting the player
Game(s) Headcase
Pipes are interactive objects in the game Headcase. They can transport Norman Noggin through walls.


Pipes consist of two holes where Norman Noggin can either enter the pipe or exit it. The holes are surrounded by a purple circle. The tube is light purple and appears to reflect light. When Norman Noggin is inside of a pipe, he will temporarily disappear.

Game information

Pipes are necessary to complete levels. When Norman Noggin jumps into the end of a pipe, he will begin to fly through the pipe headfirst. Norman Noggin will take any turns that the pipe takes, and will not get stuck. Norman Noggin is also safe in pipes, as no enemies are ever found in them. Norman Noggin will then fly out of the exit of the pipe he has entered, landing on the platform that he flies into. The player must be careful not to lead Norman Noggin into spikes or an enemy, as Norman Noggin cannot move when exiting a pipe.

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