This article is about pipes from Cheese Dreams. For pipes from other games, please see Pipes.

Pipe Cheese 1
A pipe from Cheese Dreams
Ability Letting the player transport fast
Game(s) Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Pipes are interactive objects in the Cheese Dreams series.


Pipes are purple in Cheese Dreams, but were changed to be pink in Cheese Dreams New Moon, where they are also bigger. When the moon or other planets enter the pipes, it is possible to see their dark silhouettes passing by.

Game information

When the moon lands (or bounces) into a pipe, it will go through it at an increased speed and out the other end of the pipe. Pipes can stretch through walls, which makes them one of the many ways to progress through a level. The Moon comes out of the pipe with slightly increased momentum. Pipes can also be an obstacle for the moon, such as when the pipe pushes the Moon out into an area of spikes. In Cheese Dreams New Moon, other planets and even hazardous material can enter pipes and use them.


Cheese Dreams
Cheese Dreams: New Moon
Pipe Cheese 1
Pipe Cheese 2


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