Pinwheels are hazardous interactive objects in the game Hot Air 2.


Pinwheels appear to resemble a flower, with a metal stem and flower head made up of six purple triangles.

Game information

Pinwheels appear only in level four: King of the Castle, where the are used to raise the portcullis. Using the cyan fan, the player can blow the pinwheel, causing it to raise the portcullis.

The pinwheel can only be blown until it won't move any further. This occurs when the portcullis has reached the top of the screen and can't move any farther up. Blowing it clockwise causes it to raise the portcullis, while blowing it the opposite way causes it to be lowered. There is a pinwheel near the green and red pad of the level. Touching the pinwheel at all will pop the balloon, due to its sharps pointed edges.