Pink superviruses
Pink Supervirus
Attack Firing pink bullets
Abilities Turning around
Health 75 bullets
Points 500
Game(s) Nanobots

Pink superviruses are the second type of enemy supervirus in Nanobots. Pink superviruses are team pink's supervirus, the weapon used by the supervirus being the team's weapon, pink bullets.


Pink superviruses resemble turrets, and can fire three pink bullets per round via their three cannons. Half of the pink supervirus is a shell, and the other half is the nanobot. The shell is greyish white and bumpy, and impenetrable by any of the human piloted nanobot's attacks.

The pink nanobot part of the turret has three cannons, two cannons on the edge which point diagonally, and a middle one that points straight.

Game information

The cannon part of the pink supervirus is the nanobot's only weak point, and while being its only weak point is protected by the constantly firing cannons. Pink superviruses can be destroyed easily if the human piloted nanobot shoots them from a distance, while staying still in an area where the pink enemy bullets cannot reach the human piloted nanobot. However, since pink superviruses take 75 bullets to destroy, the human piloted nanobot must remain in this area for quite a while, all while avoiding enemies and trying to hit the exposed area of the pink supervirus.

Pink superviruses rotate clockwise after firing, making it difficult for the player to destroy them as the human piloted nanobot has to constantly move if they want to quickly destroy the supervirus. Pink superviruses are spawned rarely in Nanobots, and when spawned are spawned in small numbers, except for when they are introduced, when several are spawned.

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