Pink nanobots
Enemy Red Nanobot Transparent
Attack Firing pink nanobot bullets
Health One blow from a pink bullet
Points 50
Game(s) Nanobots

Pink nanobots are basic nanobots in Nanobots.


Basic pink nanobots appear to be oval in shape, with six nubs sticking out of their body, three on each side. They have two light red strips in the middle of their body, which appear to divide their body into two halves. They also appear to have two narrow pink eyes near the bottom of their body, on either side of the two-strip divide. They are coloured both pink (on the outer edges) and black (on the inner portion).

Game information

Pink nanobots are weak and can only take one hit from the human piloted nanobot's pink bullet type before exploding. They occasionally shoot bullets that soon die down. They are spawned from pink wormholes.

A stronger version of the pink nanobot is the titan pink nanobot. They are the first enemy introduced and the easiest to kill in the game, and are also very common.

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