This article is about crabs from Dangle. For crabs from other games, please see Crabs.

Mr. Snips
Pink crab
Attack Tries to cut at the spider's rope
Abilities Walks
Health Invincible
Game(s) Dangle, Nitrome Must Die

Mr. Snips[1] are enemies in the games Dangle and Nitrome Must Die.


Mr. Snips have a body, with four small circular feet. There are two arms with claws on its body. The pink crab has a mouth with teeth, and two small eyes, and looks similar to winghead doodles, but pink and without wings.

Game information


In Dangle, Mr. Snips walks horizontally on a platform, always turning at ledges or walls. If the spider is close to a Mr. Snip when descending down, Mr. Snips will extend one of its claws out towards the spider by a certain length.

If the claw manages to get to the spider's webbing, it will cut it and cause a game over, as the spider will drop to the bottom of the level and die. Touching Mr. Snips will cost the spider one heart.

Nitrome Must Die

A few Mr. Snips appear in Nitrome Must Die. Mr. Snips have the same behaviour and exact appearance as they do in Dangle.

They walk horizontally, turning at walls and ledges, and will extend one arm at the character when he is near. Mr. Snips will not always extend their arm towards the character when he is ascending or descending.

Skin appearances


  1. Named only in the game's code.

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