This article is about blocks from Headcase. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Pink checkered blocks
Ability Can be jumped off
Game(s) Headcase

Pink checkered blocks are interactive objects in the game Headcase.


As the name suggests, pink checkered blocks are pink and have a checkered pattern along them. The checkers are alternately hot pink or light pink, and run in a diagonal pattern along the entire block. The blocks all have rounded corners, and do not have a specified size, instead appearing in multiple sizes.

Game information

Pink checkered blocks are relatively simple, yet are vital to game completion. Unlike sticky green blocks, Norman Noggin can jump off of pink blocks. The player can walk on these blocks on all surfaces, like most aspects of the game. Pipes are also usually situated in pink blocks. Also, many enemies and hazards can be found on pink checkered blocks, so the player must be careful not to lead Norman Noggin into any of them.

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