This article is about blocks from Headcase. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Pink blocks
Ability Can be jumped through and broken
Game(s) Headcase

Pink blocks are blocks and interactive objects in the game Headcase.


Pink blocks are square with rounded corners and have a dark pink jagged line running through them. The rest of the block is a lighter pink. When broken, the block will split along the jagged line and go flying in different directions.


Breaking blocks

Game information

Pink blocks to not really have an important purpose in the game, as Norman Noggin can easily jump through them. However, they are usually placed as a barrier toward where the player has to go, which means they can be used to guide the player in the right direction. When Norman Noggin flies into one, it will break and he will continue to fly in the same direction he was flying in, with no change in speed.

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