Pieces of eight
A coin from pieces of eight
Ammunition Eight coins per weapon, weapon number varies
Ability N/A
Action Is thrown and explodes
Damage Low
Game(s) Mutiny

Pieces of eight is a weapon in Mutiny.


Pieces of eight are very small, golden coins with a small picture of a skull on them. Upon contact with anything, they will make a small, circular explosion.

Game information

Pieces of eight is an unusual weapon, as it gives the player eight coins to throw per pieces of eight weapon used. These coins are small and about the same weight as cherry bombs. These coins deal low damage, but with there ability to be thrown multiple times, they can easily kill an enemy pirate by blowing them into the water or pelting them many times with the weapon.

This weapon has very high knockback, making it more easy to blow foes into water than killing them with multiple blows of the weapon. This weapon is very useful for attacking pirates situated in a group, as the player can conserve ammo by firing it into a group of enemy pirates, as the blast is medium sized. A common problem with this weapon is its tenancy to blow an enemy to fire to be harmed, or for the player to kill the enemy and have no one else to attack (although the latter is mostly the fault of the player for picking a spot with few enemies).

The pieces of eight can not only be used for attacking, but can also be used as transportation. Tossing the coins a short distance from the player will make them explode and toss the player a little bit in the opposite direction of the thrown weapon. It can sometimes be quite dangerous to use them on the player in this way, for although minimal damage to the player's pirate is sustained, it is capable of blowing the player farther off than they predicted, and sometimes into water or a nearby pirates who can kill the player. All in all, it is a easy weapon to use, but is best used on groups of enemies.


Eight coins which inflicts a small amount of damage. You get eight turns with this weapon. Click each one and drag with your mouse to aim set the power.


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