This article is about pick ups from Tiny Castle. For pick ups from other games, please see Pick ups.

A list of pick ups in the game Tiny Castle.


Throughout Tiny Castle, killed enemies will drop helpful items that can heal the player or grant points. The items found in the game fall into two groups: food and points.



This section is about food from Tiny Castle. For food from other games, please see Food.

Food is the unofficial name given to the objects in Tiny Castle that are edible. They restore one point of health once eaten, and are only dropped by enemies when the player's health is not full. All of the food restores one point of health.


Points is the unofficial name given to objects that grant points when obtained. All of them are capable of being dropped by enemies, with the exception of gold coins, which are also dropped by when the player hits a treasure chest.


Double items glitch

If the player attacks an enemy twice and kills them, they will drop two items instead of one. This happens because their death animation last longer than for other enemies, and they are considered by the game as an entity during their death animation. By hitting them during their death animation, the player kills them twice, causing two items to be dropped. This glitch can only work on specific enemies, such asghosts, enemy knights, and skeletons.


Penguin 1

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The knight makes reference to helpful items found inside enemies being rather common. This is a reference to enemies in many games yielding helpful items once killed.

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