This article is about pick ups from Mallet Mania. For pick ups from other games, please see Pick ups.

Below is a list of pick ups in Mallet Mania. Most pickups can be received through the gamble block, and affect the ball.



This section is about gems from Mallet Mania. For gems from other games, please see Gems.

When a ball hits a gem in the course, the player will score additional points.


Different types of balls are positioned as pickups throughout certain courses. Sometimes, the player can gamble for the type of balls they want to use for the next three shots. Not all balls, however, necessarily benefit the player's shots.


These balls serve a similar role to the sticky tiles as mentioned in the "tiles" section above. The ball will become pink and spotted. It will stick easily to the places where it stops, meaning the player can use this ball to their advantage when shooting it up a steep slope.


Wonky ball pickups turn the player's ball grey, and also dot it with some specks. This ball will veer off in another direction when the player takes a shot with it and can easily go off course.



This section is about bombs from Mallet Mania. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

These balls give off an explosion once they come to a stop, even if they fall off the course. They are only available in the multiplayer arenas of the game as they help to knock other players' balls off-course and make them respawn in the last position they were in before getting knocked off the course.


The ball becomes massively larger in size, thus moving slower and taking more power to hit than a normal ball would.


Ghost pickups turn the ball into a translucent pale white colour, giving it the look of a ghost. Ghost balls can bypass all hazards without getting squashed or pushed off by them. They cannot, however, travel over ghost blocks not activated by the switch.


These balls can bounce if the player puts a lot of power into their shot.

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