This article is about pick ups from Avalanche. For pick ups from other games, please see Pick ups.

A list of pick ups in the game Avalanche.



This article is about fish from Avalanche. For fish from other games, please see Fish.

Avalanche Fish
Ability Give points
Points 50
Game(s) Avalanche

Fish are pickups in Avalanche. They have large, round bodies, with very small tails. The back part of their body is dark orange, while their head is lighter. On their head is a large, red eye. Every fish collected adds 50 points to the player's score. They float in the air, usually over jumps.

In the game's ending, the penguin is seen feeding her babies with fish.

They are very similar to the fish in Rockitty, as they both can grant 50 points, and they are similar in appearance.


Avalanche Rocket
Ability Give player a boost
Points None
Game(s) Avalanche
Penguin 2

The penguin on toboggan when it picks up the rocket

Rockets are pickups in Avalanche. They give the penguin a velocity boost when picked up, and is most commonly used to make the player reaches further areas.

When picked up, the rocket puts fire on the behind sled to make the velocity boost, alarming the penguin.

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