Price Buy: 96 gold
(Price lowers with higher charisma)
Abilities Petrifies an enemy
Game Blast RPG

Petrify is a purchasable shop item in the game Blast RPG.


The petrify item appears as a slightly tall rock. The rock has four visible sides, the top, left, and right sides, as well as a small center triangular side. All the sides appear as regular shapes that are different shades of grey, except for the left side, which has two grey vertical lines on it.

Game information

This item will freeze the first enemy in the line, which causes the boy knight to lose a turn.


It originally sells for 96 gold. With charisma, its price will be lower.

Shop description

Freezes the first monster.


  • This item acts almost exactly the same as the petrifying attack Gorgons use.

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