BIC3 Walking Candy
Attack Harmful on contact
Abilities Walking, carrying balloons
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream 3

Peppermints are enemies in Bad Ice-Cream 3.


Peppermints are circular in shape. They have blue arms and legs and a blue mouth. They have two dark eyes and their body is red and white in colour, bearing resemblance to peppermint. They appear to march when they are moving.

The balloons the peppermints carry are light blue with a dark blue base. The light blue shape is cylindrical, with several spikes of a similar shade sticking out from the cylinder. The base has a round bottom, which is attached to a thin blue stick that the peppermint holds.

Game information

Peppermints first appear on level 5, and are harmful on contact. They generally walk in circular or square formations, though this is not always the case. They will turn and head in the opposite direction when they come to a wall. Peppermints always walk in a set formation, and if this formation is disrupted by ice, they will reverse movement but still walk in their preset formation.

Some peppermints are seen carrying balloon-like items that will explode on contact with a UFO. Upon a UFO colliding with a balloon, the peppermint will cry for a moment then continue walking. These peppermints are hazardous both on the ground and when flying in a UFO.


  • Unlike other enemies, if a peppermint is trapped so that it cannot move in any direction, no ? symbol will appear above its head.

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