This article is about penguins from Snow Drift. For penguins from other games, please see Penguins.

Penguin missiles
Bear Shoot
An arctic fox shooting a normal penguin missile
Ability Normal: Moves straight
Pink: Follows the Yeti
Damage One health point
Belongs to Arctic foxes, Tech arctic foxes, Polar bears
Game Snow Drift

Penguin missiles are enemy weapons in Snow Drift.


Penguin missiles appear as small and pod shaped penguins, with two small arms, orange feet and beak, and two blue beady eyes. They are outlined in orange when shot by an arctic fox, and in pink when shot by a tech arctic fox.

Game information

Penguin missile are continually fired from their guns by arctic foxes as well as thrown by polar bears as grenades. The missiles have the same general design as penguins, and hurt the yeti one health point.


The grenade penguins thrown by the polar bears have the same appearance as the usual penguin missile shot by arctic foxes, except the animation played for the grenade penguin is the knock out animation seen when the Yeti hits a penguin (Pick Up), the grenade penguin having an orange outline, presumably being fire.


The missiles fired by the arctic foxes move in a straight line, spinning, sometimes going through walls, and will also hurt the yeti one health point. The penguin missiles fired by tech arctic foxes have a pink outline around them, and follow the yeti around until they crash into him or something else. These missiles can be usually jumped over, and if they do hit the Yeti they also cost him one health point. The penguin missiles are the only enemy weapons in Snow Drift.

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