Green pegNormal peg
Green peg (right) sticky peg (left)
Ability Can be held on to
Game(s) Knuckleheads

Pegs are interactive objects in the game Knuckleheads.

General game information

The angry heads can attach themselves to one by touching it with a head. While on a peg, they can extend the length of the chain and also swing around. Two types of pegs appear in Knuckleheads - sticky and coloured pegs.

Spiky green peg

A green peg with its spikes out


Sticky pegs

First introduced in the game, the pegs are distinguished by purple sticky liquid on the outside. Sticky pegs can be gripped onto by both heads, and appear commonly throughout.

Coloured pegs

Closer to the end of the game, colored pegs are introduced. These pegs are either pink or green coloured. Like sticky pegs, they can be held on to, but only with the head the same colour as the peg. Grabbing on to a coloured peg with the opposite colour will cause spikes to come out and surround the peg, making the player lose some health.

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