A peacock (left), a peacock with its tail opened (right)
Attack Opens tail
Damage One bean person
Game(s) Skywire and Skywire 2

Peacocks are enemies in the games Skywire and Skywire 2.


A peacocks appears as blue bird with black eyes, an orange beak, orange feet, a long blue neck, a blue crest, and a circular blue body with a grey screw in the center. A peacock also has many long dark green feathers which make up its tail. The feathers have a design that looks like an eye on their ends. The eye design is coloured light green, brown, light blue, and dark blue.

Game information

Peacocks will stay in a still position, then they will extend their tail. The tail is one segment of the peacock's fan, but shorter, so that it doesn't hit the player while spinning. The tail will circle around the peacock, then after a few seconds of this, the tails will complete the rotation and create a fan covering half of the circle around the peacock. The fan will quickly compress again and the tail will continue to spin, and the cycle restarts.

Peacocks are usually positioned in the center of a circular track, so that the player must complete the rotation while the peacock's tail is rotating. Otherwise, the tail will fan out and the player will lose a life.

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