Patrol monster
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Follows the direction of arrows
Game(s) Magneboy

Patrol monsters are enemies that first appear in level nineteen of the game Magneboy.


The body of a patrol monster is more or less cube-shaped and pink. For a face, their is a monitor with white eyes and a jagged line making up the mouth. The hands seem to be apart from the enemy but they are connected to its body with a thin line, only seen at a close distance.

Game information

These monsters are often seen together in groups, and they often occupy the same area. They will walk around in a set path on the platforms they are on. If arrows are seen on the tiles, they will influence which direction the patrol monster goes. The player needs good timing in order to get past these enemies. In some cases, they may be walking on purple tiles that Magneboy can pull away, causing them to fall off the level.

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